About me

 I know, and I care, and I’ve got all the requisite skills

So, what qualifies me to create stand-out author websites – and offer a full package of digital marketing support?

The quick, easy answer is that I’ve been specialising in it for several years, and have a growing roster of happy clients.

The longer, more considered answer is that, by lucky coincidence, I’ve got an unusual mix of skills, interests and life experiences.

I guess you can boil it down into six assets or advantages:

1.  An eye for design

I’ve always had a flair for design. My first degree was in Fine Art and, after a few diversions, I found my way back to art-and-design-based businesses in the 2000s – which is where I’ve stayed ever since.
A good eye is a pre-requisite for this line of work, and I think you’ll agree that the websites I create do stand-out as something special.

2.  An appreciation of literature

I also have a first in English Literature. I taught English at the UK’s top comprehensive for some years and was entered for the National Teaching Awards.
So, I’ve always had a fascination with the written word – and the people who create it.


3.  An insight into the plight of today’s authors

I’m married to a best-selling author and, over the past several years, I’ve watched how the world of publishing has changed – and how she’s had to adapt.
Her early experiences of getting websites created were not happy ones. The shifting priorities of publishers were often frustrating. And, becoming exasperated on her behalf, I wanted to make a difference.
We saw straight away that creating a digital marketing strategy, and sticking to it, really works.  Apply the right techniques in the right way, and the dials do begin to move (like a 350% increase in sales of her backlist).

4.  An excellent working relationship with top publishers

As part of my work with clients I’m in touch with marketing, audio and publicity teams in all of the big five.
They like how I respect their remit and understand their challenges. And, when they see that an author has a great digital marketing strategy in place, they’re generally eager to work together to amplify the message and extend the reach.

5.  An in-depth understanding of digital

When I first got into digital, I wanted to do it properly.  I also wanted to see straight through the smoke and mirrors.  So, I signed-up for a programme at Shillington College, a world-class training specialist with bases in London, Manchester, New York, and Brisbane.
What attracted me to Shillington was the unbending emphasis on effectiveness. A website has to be a means-to-an-end. A slick design has to complemented by a great user experience. The art of digital design has to be combined with the science of digital marketing. Otherwise, why bother?

6.  An entrepreneurial track record

A lot of people may hate it, but I think the world of business is fun. I find it challenging, and intriguing, and rewarding.
In my time, I have established, and nurtured, and sold two thriving businesses (an organic delicatessen, and a textiles training studio).  In effect, I’ve been a serial entrepreneur – and, like it or not, today’s authors do benefit from entrepreneurial skills behind them.

I’m based on a small farm in the South Shropshire hills. It’s the perfect spot from which to talk to authors from around the world. Sometimes we meet face-to-face. More often we chat over Skype.

So we can work together wherever you are based – I’m never more than a phone call away.  Please do feel free to call me to discuss your particular situation and we can develop a digital strategy that works for you.






I’m Faith Tilleray. I’m here at my computer most days and welcome any contact from human beings – particularly the special kind who write books. 
Pick up the phone anytime during work hours.